What the Moon Said - Gayle Rosengren

Esther has lived in the city all her life and isn't so happy when she finds that her father has lost his job and they have to move far away. They are moving to a farm and Esther thinks it will be horrible. 

But Esther's mother with her superstitions, says the move will be a good thing. Her mother is never wrong, but Esther isn't so sure this time.

I really liked Esther. She is a very likeable character. When she's happy, you can help, but feel happy with her. And I definitely felt bad for her.

I know why her mother was the way she was and I know she did love Esther, but I thought she was too hard on her and cold at times. The mother was very hard for me to completely like. At the very end, she was a bit better.

For a debut book, I would say this is pretty good and it will be interesting to see what other books Gayle Rosengren comes up with.