Wicked Cruel - Rich Wallace

Wicked Cruel has three stories set in the same New England town and each has to do with an Urban Legend.

The first story follows Jordan and he thinks he is being haunted by a former classmate who everyone bullied. 

The second story follows Danny, who doesn't really fit in and is fascinated by the local legend of ghost horses.

And third follows Owen,who dances with a ghost girl and doesn't know it at first. But later, he wants to see her again and find out more about her.

I don't know if I would any of these stories are really scary, but I still think they would make perfect Halloween reads.

The first is called Wicked Cruel and in my opinion, was the most suspenseful of the three. I think it also teaches the lesson that even if you don't like someone, if they are a jerk or find them annoying, don't pick on or bully them. Later you may just regret it, even if you think they deserved it.

The second story called The Horses of Brickyard Pond deals with characters who don't fit in. A brother and sister who fight constantly, who don't really understand their dad. But, I like how despite it being a short story, the characters grew and changed. They learned about each other and really did care about each other. And there is a little bit of ghost story thrown in there, which was interesting.

The final story called Rites of Passage and I think has a hard time just being himself around girls. Clarity, the ghost girl, helps him with that. There were flashbacks that had to do with Clarity or her family and I think her story is sad. 

Overall, I think the stories are well-written and are creepy enough to make for good Halloween reading.