Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death - James Van Praagh

I have known about James Van Praagh for a long time. When he had his show where he did readings for people (much like John Edwards show), I watched that. I believe it only lasted one season, which was disappointing. It was a good show.

I've also seen him on shows like Unsolved Mysteries. I like him and what he does. However, I've never read one of his books.

What prompted me to read this is that October 10th, I will be going to see James Van Praagh. I am very excited and decided to grab him of his books to read before October 10th.

The book begins with James Van Praagh's childhood and eventually how he got into what he does. For a year, he went into pre-seminary to become a Priest, but left since he felt he had the answer to his questions. Later, he wanted to become a screen writer and that is what he really wanted to do. That's what his plans were for. At least until he discovered he really wanted to be able to help people by connecting them with their loved ones who had passed.

I liked reading about his childhood and experiences. There were also many stories of readings he had done for people. Tears were brought to my eyes more than once.

I enjoyed reading about when a person's pet would come through. I'm sure many people think that animals don't go to the same place as we do when we die, but they do. And I really like reading about that. I like knowing that my pets are there and I will see them again one day.

I think this book will really help people who have lost someone close to them. It's very positive and uplifting. It shows those that we love may not be with us physically anymore, but they are still with us and helping us.

The last chapter has some meditations for people to do so they can learn to connect with the spirit world.

I thought this was a really good book and I'm even more excited about seeing James Van Praagh in October. 

One of my favorite sentences from this book that has just stuck with me:

"We are all the same. God has not chosen one group above another. When we dare to be aware, we will raise our understanding and compassion and see everyone as part of the universal energy of God. We will be free of prejudice and hatred based on someone’s color, race, sex, or gender preference. God is not limited. Only humans limit their thinking."