Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison - Lois Lenski

Mary Jemison (also called Molly) is 12 and lives in Pennsylvania with her family. But during the spring in 1758, a band of Indian warriors come along, invade Molly's home and take her and her family captive.

Separated from her family, Molly was taken to Ohio and eventually a Seneca village.

Life is not easy there for Molly. She misses her family and only wishes she could go back. But after two years, Molly is given the chance to live again with white people. But choosing to leave or stay is not as easy as Molly thought it would be.

This book is based on the true of Mary Jemison. And the author did her research. Of course, there were some changes, especially when it came to the dialog, but the author even says so in the beginning. The book doesn't cover Molly's whole life, but the first two years of her life with the Seneca.

While this book was written in the 1940's, it doesn't really read that way. It seems more modern, especially when you consider the author didn't make the Indians the bad guys. Really, it shows that all people struggled during this time, I think.

And Molly, I did feel bad for her. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to be suddenly taken from your family.

It was a good book that made me cry a few times. I really want to learn more about Mary Jemison's life now, thanks to this book. I've done some reading about her online, but I'm going to read some more books about her now.