Through the Hidden Door - Rosemary Wells

Barney should want to get out of Winchester; he has every reason to want to leave. His former friends are out for revenge and the Headmaster definitely isn't on his side. The Headmaster gives Barney two choices, he can leave the school and he will get great recommendations so he can get into any school. Or he can stay and have a bad record.

But Barney stays. He can't leave, not after visiting the cave. He has to find out what or who was there.

I can't say this is one of my favorite books, but it definitely had an interesting story. It kept me reading and I wanted to know more about the cave too.

Barney isn't a perfect character, but he wasn't a bad kid like the Headmaster said. He just wanted to make friends and made some bad decisions. His former friends made me mad though. I don't understand how they could get away with everything they did.

The story was good though. I liked this book.