The Cage - Brian Keene

The work day was to be over soon for the employees of Big Bill's Home Electronics. That is until a guy showed up with a gun and put them all in a cage in the back room. But, one by one they are taken by gunman and don't come back. Will any of them make it out alive?

I've wanted to read this since it was released a few years ago. Last Christmas, I got as a gift from my boyfriend. I'll be going to see Brian Keene next month and want to get this book signed so I decided it was as good as time as any to read it.

The Cage is short. it's only about 72 pages, the rest of the book has 3 other even shorter stories and notes from the author about each story. It's about employees that work at an electronics store. One night a guy shows up with a gun, saying he only needs 6. They think he is crazy. Who wouldn't, really?

Being short, the book goes right into the action and we're with the characters as each gets taken only to not return. 

It's a good story and honestly left me wanting more. I liked the other 3 stories and author notes as well.