Summers at Castle Auburn - Sharon Shinn

Coriel (also called Corie) has spent many summers at Castle Auburn with her half-sister and the rest of her father's family. For the rest of the year, she lives in a village with her grandmother learning about herbs so she one day may become a Wise Woman. 

Corie loves her sister and her summers at Castle Auburn. Often she wishes that they would not end. She misses her sister and others at the castle very much. 

But as Corie gets older, she sees that things at Castle Auburn aren't as perfect as she once believed them to be.

I've wanted to read this for a while as it always sounded like it might be an interesting story. Summer has come and once again I've signed up for a summer reading program at my library. This year, there are different genres and sub-genres we are supposed to read books from. This book falls into one of the genres I'm supposed to read and I figured it gave me a good excuse to finally read this book.

This book is from Corie's perspective and she is an illegitimate daughter of a royal Lord. Before her father had died, he made his brother promise to find Corie and bring her to the castle. 

Of course, Corie is only at Castle Auburn during summer, which is the deal her uncle was able to work out with her grandmother. 

Castle Auburn sounds beautiful and for the most part, Corie was welcomed there. No, not everyone liked her, but enough did and I can see why she did like going there so much. 

In the beginning Corie is a bit naive, but she's also young and I think it's good to remember she's not at Castle Auburn all year like her sister and other people she knows there. So, it's not until later that she begins to see the dark side of the castle and the dark side of some of those that reside there.

While this was told through Corie's perspective, I felt that I got to know the other characters very well. All were so well described, even the minor characters.

The Alora were interesting to read about and what their world was like.

I liked Corie. She was outspoken, though she was not supposed to be, and wanted to be in control of her own life. She was a well-developed character and likeable. Though I thought all the characters were well-developed.

The story is basically about Corie growing up and seeing the truth of things. The story is good though, intriguing and I found I couldn't put the book down. 

The story and characters were all great. I really enjoyed this book a lot and I'm finally glad I got to read it.