The Scarecrow and His Servant - Philip Pullman

A scarecrow stands in a field and then, one day is struck by a lightning bolt. It fizzes through his whole body and brings him to life.

The Scarecrow soon finds himself a servant named Jack and off they go on many adventures while heading for Spring Valley.

Philip Pullman is one of my favorite authors. I love His Dark Materials and I've read some of his other books that I've greatly enjoyed as well. 

This book is one I hadn't yet read and decided to give it a read. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it as much as some of his other books I've read, but it was still an enjoyable read.

It's actually quite a fun story. The Scarecrow is a good character, but often seems to get himself into trouble. Good thing he's got Jack to help him.

It's silly, but fun and an enjoyable story.