Jade Green - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Judith Sparrow is now an orphan. Both her parents are passed and she is going to live with her Uncle. There is only one condition to her living there; she cannot bring anything green into the house.


But Judith has brought a green picture frame with her that was given to her by her Mother. Judith knows she shouldn't have brought it, but she couldn't leave the only thing behind that was from her Mother.


Soon enough Judith is at home living with her Uncle and the cook Mrs. Hastenings. She is treated well and loves it there. But she begins to hear noises. Could it do with the fact she brought green into the house? She'll soon find out.


It's not a real long book, but for me, it was a page-turner. I thought it was a pretty original ghost story. I won't reveal why because I don't want to spoil the story.


I will say though that I wasn't too far into the book and figured out what happened. When nearing the end of the book, what I figured happened actually did. Even though I figured it out, I don't feel that the story was ruined. I just wanted the truth to come out in the open and it did.


I thought it was a good book. An original ghost story that I wished as a bit longer.