Horrorstor -  Grady Hendrix

Amy works at the Orsk furniture store. She doesn't really want to work there, but for now, it's a job. 

Every morning when Amy and other employees arrive, they find items broken in the store. But they aren't sure how it keeps happening. They want to find out how it is happening so Amy and another employee is asked to stay the night and do floor sweeps. If someone is breaking in, then they will be able to catch them.

But it turns out to be much, much than just someone breaking in.

I really like the plot and its setting. I think it is original. I just have to say at times I didn't like how Amy was treated. Sometimes she was treated as she were spoiled or a brat. But honestly, with what was happening in that store, I wouldn't want to walk around it at night either. And I am a paranormal investigator. There was clearly something more than just a regular haunting going on. 

It was a pretty fast read. I finished it early yesterday, but due to not getting home until late, I had to wait to write the review. 

The story is good and a bit creepy. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I liked the ending. 

Also, the author has a nice writing style and it made it really easy to get into the story.