Land of Dreams - Joan Lowery Nixon

Kristin along with her family move to America. Originally from Sweden, Kristin looks forward to starting a new life here. She is a bit homesick and misses her grandmother, but she's heard so much about America and the freedom that woman have here. Kristin wants that for herself.


But her parents don't really understand her. They want to sew well and be a good cook and get married to start a family. Kristin might want this too, eventually, but she wants it to be her choice, not her parents.


And it seems the community they moved into, which is a settlement of other Swedish people, doesn't understand her either.


Will Kristin be forced to live like her parents? Or will she be able to break away and make her own choices?


I have to say that I liked Kristin. She's a strong, independent girl. And I think many times over she proved she can do what any man can do.


I felt Kristin's frustration throughout the book. Because she was a girl she was expected to act in certain ways, do certain things and not do things like wearing men's clothing.

I like that even though her parents greatly disapproved of her thoughts, opinions and dreams, she didn't give up on them. She was very outspoken and I can tell you that wasn't really liked among her new community, except for a few people her age that liked it.


I know that things are completely equal for woman in America, but I know after reading this things have changed a lot. And I know it is because people fought for that change, which I am grateful. I can vote, I can wear pants and go after my dream thanks to women before me that fought for rights.


And I am happy to read a historical fiction that talks of this fight and shows a very strong female character. I really enjoyed the character of Kristin's and felt I could relate to her.


Overall, I think it is a great book and recommend it.