Locked in Time - Lois Duncan

While Nore was off at boarding school, her father remarried. During her summer vacation, she'll be spending time with her new family at a new home called Shadow Grove.


It's nice enough. Her stepmother seems to be nice, as her does her two children. But Nore starts noticing something isn't right with her new family. They're hiding something and the longer she's at Shadow Grove, the more dangerous it becomes for her.

The story is set in Louisiana and it definitely has that southern feel. When Nore gets to Shadow Grove, it is like being transported back into time with just how everything is described. It's quite neat.


I liked Nore as a character, but I think it would have been nice to get to know her more. Even though the story is told through her view, I feel there wasn't quite enough told about her. But she is still a good character.


I completely got wrapped up in the story. It was one of those books I couldn't wait to read what happened next. The story was good, it was perfect and I just loved it.

The only thing I didn't like was Nore's dad. I understand he got remarried, he loved his wife and her two children. Nore gets to Shadow Grove and gets along well with her stepmother and stepsiblings. I'm not going to spoil what happened, but something did happen that made Nore realize what's going on. So, come on, Nore gets along well with her new family and when something happens, when she realizes she is safe, Nore tries to tell her dad. He doesn't listen! He takes it as she just doesn't like her stepmother because she misses her mother. If that were the case, she wouldn't have gotten along with her new family from the beginning. And when your daughter, who you have known her whole life, tells you something is wrong, you're just going to be a jerk?


Nore's dad was my only problem with the book. Otherwise, it is great. The story is so good and it kept me on the edge of my seat.