Trade Wind Danger - Carolyn Keene

Nancy along with her friends Bess and George are vacationing in San Francisco. Not long after arriving they meet an older couple, Harriet and Ed. They are nice enough, but everywhere Nancy and her friends go, Harriet and Ed are there too. Are they being stalked?


Eventually the older couple confesses they have been following them for a reason. They are the owners of a publishing company and one of their authors, and a very good friend, has went missing. She went to Hawaii to research some of the lore and went missing after getting off her plane. They want Nancy to find her. Nancy agrees to help and soon, Nancy and her friends are off to Hawaii.


I've read about three Nancy Drew books (four if you include this one) and I don't think I enjoyed this one quite as much as the other few I've read, but I still liked it. It was real easy to get into the story and it was a bit of a surprise about who actually took the author. The people that seemed most likely to do it weren't the ones that did it.


In the other ones I read I think the stories were a little better, but this one was still good. The setting being Hawaii was nice; made me want to visit there myself.


Overall, it was a pretty good mystery book, but not quite as good as other Nancy Drew books I've read.