Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations He Received - Dannion Brinkley, Paul Perry

In 1975 at 25 years old, Dannion Brinkley was talking on the phone and struck by lightning. He died, went through a life review, seen crystal cities and was told to build centers. He was also given prophecies of things to come.


He was dead for 28 minutes and when he came back, he couldn't move. All he could do was blow on the sheet to show he was still alive.


It took Dannion a long time to recover, but he was a changed man. And in 1989 Dannion had a second near death experience. His heart was so damaged from the lightning strike that it was going to give out if they didn't do surgery.


After having a talk with Raymond Moody, Dannion agreed to the sign the papers so they could do surgery. During the surgery he died again and had his second near death experience.


I think I first found out about Dannion Brinkley when I was in my early teens. I had watched a documentary about near death experience. Dannion was one of the people on there talking about his near death experiences and I have liked him ever since and have wanted to meet him.


This is the first time I've read his book, but I already know a lot about him. I've read a lot about him online, even the reports of his supposed fraud.


I've been into paranormal things for years and when it comes to psychics, people who have near death experiences, etc, I know there are those that will always try to discredit people with such abilities and experiences.


I'm sure there are people who have lied about near death experiences and I know there are people who have faked psychic abilities. Does this mean all psychics are fake? No, it doesn't. Does this mean all people who claim who had have near death experiences are lying? No, it doesn't. And All that I have read about Dannion Brinkley, even those trying to discredit him, I do not believe he is a liar.


I feel that he is an honest person. A person that really cares about people and I'm happy to say that I will be meeting him in July.


This is an amazing book. It's well-written and besides his own story, Dannion shares stories of others who have had near death experiences. Some are really touching and all are just amazing.


This is just a great book that gives you a lot to think about. And it definitely makes you want to careful on how you treat people. I always try to treat everyone with kindness, but this is a nice reminder that everything you do affects people. If you're nice, kind and caring, it is good feelings. But if you're mean and hateful, It's feelings of sadness, anger and others.


This really is a life changing book and I'm glad to have read it.