The Second Bend in the River - Ann Rinaldi

Rebecca Galloway is a pioneer girl in Ohio Territory. Her father is friends with the known Indian chief Tecumseh. And Rebecaa soon befriends him as well. But over the years their friendship grows and eventually turns into love. She badly wants to be with him, but she has to choose. Either she continues to live her life as she has, or choose life with Tecumseh.


In the book the story is told by Rebecca Galloway, who is only 7 when the book begins and she meets Tecumseh. The characters in this book are based on real people and I have to say the author really made them come alive and made me wonder about the real people, how they really felt about the things that were going on in their time.


The story was good, with lots of details of things that actually happened. And it was interesting to see how the characters felt and reacted to the events.


I liked seeing how the relationship between Tecumseh and Rebecca developed. They started out as friends and it turned into more. Their love was really sweet, really pure and just beautiful. But to me, the ending was sad. I won't spoil why, but I imagine it was definitely a tough choice for her. Either giving up her one life or giving up the man she truly loved.


Really great book and I loved the author's note.