The Returned - Jason Mott

What would you do if you had a second chance? What would you do if the person you loved returned from the dead?


Harold and Lucille Hargrave find themselves facing these very questions when their son returns. Their son, Jacob, died when he was 8. That was 50 years ago. It's hard, but they accept Jacob back in their lives.


And it seems the story is the same all over; people are returning from the dead. Some are going back to their families, others are just staying where they woke up at. And some people, the True Living, as call themselves are afraid. Afraid of what's happening, afraid of whatever these people are.


As the Returned people increase, the True Living decide something needs to be done and if the government won't do it, they'll take it into their own hands. Harold and Lucille never thought what they saw on TV would happen in their small town of Arcadia. Soon enough, Harold and Lucille will have to protect those they love.


I've been watching the show Rescurrection since it premiered in March and I just think the show is great. I recently found out that the show is based on a book and I just had to read it.


There are some similar things between the book and the show, but it seems that for the most part, the show has its own storyline. It was actually nice because not much was spoiled in the book for me since the show, so far, seems to be following a different storyline.


The idea behind this book, the idea of someone returning from the dead with all their memories is just. . . Well, it's amazing. It's fascinating and how would people, the world react if this were to happen? I hate to say it, but I think the reaction would be much the same as it is in this book. People are afraid of the unknown, afraid of what can't be explained and I think something like this happening would definitely frighten some people.


I really want to know why people are returning. How are they returning? But that wasn't really explained in this book. This book was more about death, second chances, people's reactions and love. Love and family. Although I am really curious how it is all possible people are returning, I do like what the book focused on. I like that it focused on Hargrave and how all around them the world is going crazy.


The story is about what you would do if you got a second chance, if you could just spend a bit more time with someone you loved that died. What would you do? Accept or reject them? And it's about doing what's right regardless if what happening may be strange to you.


It was a great book. Very well written and realistic characters. I couldn't put it down and found myself crying a few time during reading this. It was just an amazing book and I'd definitely read it again.