Uncle Bobby's Wedding - Sarah S. Brannen

Chloe loves her uncle Bobby, he is her favorite and they always have fun together. But when Chloe finds out that her uncle is getting married she is upset. She is worried that her uncle will no longer have time for her.


But uncle Bobby reassures Chloe that will still have fun together.


I don't think a picture book has ever brought tears to my eyes before. It is such a sweet story about the bond between a young girl and her uncle and her worrying that they won't spend time together anymore.


Bobby is such a great uncle to Chloe, understanding and reassures her that they will still spend time together. It's just now she will have another uncle, Jamie, who Bobby is going to marry. It's great to see them all spending time together.


And anyone that has read this book can see that Bobby and Jamie are a gay couple. However, it's not really a big deal in the story. Chloe's family is happy for Bobby and Jamie. Them getting married was perfectly normal to the family. They are in love and want to get married, that's all the family sees. There is no shock or horror or fights because Bobby is marrying another guy. Instead they are happy for Bobby and Jamie. I think that is just wonderful.


I've read some reviews of this book before reading it and some reviews were saying why did the character have to be guinea pigs? That they should have been humans.


Books and movies have animal characters that talk and are couples. But the animal couples I see are straight. So, why not gay guinea pigs? Humans are not all straight, tv shows, movies and other forms of entertainment are now showing this. Before it was straight couples because the right way, the normal way. Gay couples are now becoming more accepted and gay couples are showing up in books, movies, tv shows, etc. But for animals characters all I've seen are straight couples and now that things are changing, this will change too.


The author of this book decided to show that change by using animal characters and having Chloe's uncle be gay. I think that it is great and I really how the author handled it. Not that it was a big issue, just that it is two people who fell in love.


Of course, this is not the main story in the book. It is about Chloe and how she feels about her uncle getting married. It's a really sweet story and I loved seeing how close Chloe and her uncle Bobby were. It was great to see that Jamie loved Chloe just as much as Bobby and enjoyed spending time with her.


I think it was great. A great story with very likable characters.