With a Name like Love - Tess Hilmo

When Ollie and her family pull into Binder, she thinks it will be just like all the other towns. They'll be there for three days and leave off to the next place.


But what Ollie doesn't expect is to meet Jimmy, a boy whose mother is in jail for murder. Ollie believes Jimmy when he says his mother is innocent and she knows that she has to find a way to help Jimmy and his mother.


This book is set in the 1950s and is about Ollie, along with her siblings and parents who travel so her father may preach. Ollie is 13 and the main character. I liked her and that she cared about everyone. She cared about Jimmy, who was a complete stranger.

The book has a mystery feel to it since they are trying to find out who actually murdered Jimmy's father. It kept me guessing. But I just have to say I didn't like Ollie's sister, Martha, too much. I don't really think Ollie got everything she wanted like Martha believes. And it just seems to me throughout the book whenever Ollie did actually want something, like staying put instead of traveling all the time, Martha and even some things other characters said, made it seem if she were selfish. I didn't like that and the parts with Martha just annoyed me.


Besides those things, I did enjoy the story and other characters. Overall, it was a nice book.