Akua - Daniel Pouesi

Luao Nuulua is a Samoan chief and he sees the cultural impact America has had on his small village. Some want the village to open up to developments, but Nuulua does not want this.


And who knows how far they will go to get the development in the village they want, including taking advantage of Nuulua's weakest moments to strike. And Nuulua has to decide which path to take, that of his ancestors, or the Christian path.


I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. I really like the author's writing style, it's nice. I think the characters were developed well and their emotions could definitely be felt. The family situations were intense, especially in the beginning between Nuulua and his son.


The story is interesting, there is some mystery, and Nuulua struggling with trying to do what is right, and what path he should take.


Overall, it was a good, well-written with good characters.