The Two Towers  - J.R.R. Tolkien

In the The Two Towers Frodo and Sam continue their journey to the Mount Doom so once and for all the One Ring will be destroyed. But they do not know the way and their only option for a guide seems to be the strange creature Gollum.

Meanwhile, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas reunite with an old friend, head to Rohan and eventually look for Merry Pippin.


Merry and Pippin were able to escape their captors and come upon the Ent Treebeard. After spending time with him and waiting for the meeting of the Ents to be over, it's decided to go to Isengard.


Frodo is very brave and so is Sam, he'll do whatever it takes to protect Frodo. It's really interesting to see how their friendship develops in this book.


Also, I really loved when Merry and Pippin met Treebeard and the other Ents. In the movie, I thought the Ents were so neat and it was nice to see they had a bigger part in the book. It was also interesting about the Entwives. Where could they have gone? That's what I'm wondering.


Also very much enjoyed the parts with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. And of course, an old friend they found along the way.


The characters introduced in this book were nice also. Gollum plays a bigger part in this book, but he's certainly not nice. He's very strange and very dangerous too.


I loved this book as much as the first.