House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story Volume One (Volume 1) - Andrea Perron

Having had many paranormal experiences myself, I like to read about other peoples experiences. So I have read quite a few books about true paranormal experiences. And about a month I saw the movie The Conjouring. I liked the movie and became interested to know about the true story, about what really happened as I know Hollywood likes to add their own touches.


Luckily, my library had volume one of this book. And I was so excited to read it, very looking forward to doing so. Now I picked this up from my library about three days or so ago. And I wish I was about to say how great this book was, how it was a page-turner and that I will be reading the next two volumes. However, I can't say any of that. Honestly, this book was very hard to get through.


Events just jumped around and I didn't really like how the author told the story. Not saying it is poorly written or that the author is a bad writer. The writing style just isn't for me.

Really disappointed as I was looking forward to reading this.