The Earl and The Fairy, Vol. 04 - Mizue Tani, Ayuko

Lydia has been trapped by Rosalie, who is friends with a bogy-beast and doesn't realized she's being used by him. Rosalie wants Edgar all to herself, but without knowing it, she's a danger him as she brings him closer and closer to his enemy.


So, this is the final volume. I feel I can say that I know Edgar better now and that he is not such a bad guy. He's most definitely not perfect and has done bad things. However, beyond all that, there is a part of him that cares. He doesn't show it, but it is there.


Through it all, I feel Lydia was patient. Even with all the lies, Lydia was understanding and did what she could to help. I really like her as a character. In her own way, she is strong.


As for the story and the series as a whole, I enjoyed it very much. A fairy doctor, a person who communicates with fairies is. . . Well, cool! The series had action, a bit of romance, mystery and I think in ways it was unique. I'm actually quite sad that this is it.


I can see where this story has ended, Edgar's past is known and with Lydia's help, he's learning to let go of his hate and anger. However, I feel there could be an series that deals with Lydia communicating and helping people with fairies. I think there could be a lot more adventures with Lydia, Edgar, Nico and Raven.


If not though, I am happy with this story and how it ended. It was very good.