The Earl and The Fairy, Vol. 2 - Ayuko

They've reached the island, where they will find the sword that once belong to the Blue Knight. But Lydia's still unsure about Edgar. Does he care for her at all, or is he really just using her to get the sword? She doesn't know, but plans to do her job as a fairy doctor.


Volume two picks up on the island that they finally reached. Edgar isn't so mysterious now, as more of his story has been revealed and why he is exactly after the sword. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all, but I still find a bit hard to completely trust him. He does protect those he cares about and he will protect them by any means needed.


I really liked Lydia. I just think it is so neat she is a fairy doctor and can see fairies. I think she's also a strong character. And although not shown all the time, I really like Nico too.


Ermine and Raven's story is also interesting. More was revealed about them in this volume as well.


Also, the brownies were cute! I really enjoyed seeing them in this volume.