The Ghost in Room 11 - Betty Ren Wright, Jacqueline Rogers

Matt is new in school and doesn't like it. The kids aren't too friendly and when Matt does try to something to get the kids to like him, it backfires. And worse of all, the school is haunted by a ghost that doesn't want to leave Matt alone.


I read a number of books by Betty Ren Wright and so far all I've read by her, I like. Her books are good, I always enjoy the stories she comes up with. While the story in this one isn't bad, the adults in the book really made the book less enjoyable. How they acted with Matt and everything, they weren't very understanding. His mom telling Matt he put it on himself if kids didn't want to be his friend.


Not a bad book at all and I'd probably read it again, but like I said, the adult characters made it less enjoyable.