Running Loose - Chris Crutcher

Louie plays football. He doesn't think he is the best player, but works hard. He has a wonderful girlfriend and things are going alright.


But when Louie stands up for what he thinks is wrong, his football career is over. And if that wasn't enough, what he loves the most is taken from him.


I'm not really into sports and so I don't really read books about sports, except for a few. But this book isn't just about sports, it's just not about being a teenager, or even just about standing against discrimination. It's about all that and more.


Louie isn't perfect, but I think he is a pretty character. His reactions are normal, I think, especially about losing the person he loves the most. And the fact that he took a stand against racism is just great and shows what kind of person he is.


I didn't know if I'd like this book, but I did end up liking it, probably more than I thought I would. It's not just a book about sports. It's about life, love, acceptable, friendship and much more.