America Bewitched: Witchcraft After Salem - Owen Davies

The Salem Witch Trials were a horrible period in history and after the witch hysteria ended there, that seemed to be it. Or so, most history books make you think that is the story. This book is about what happened after Salem: the continued belief in witches and people still being killed for supposedly being witches.


The book was interesting, very informative and I think an important read. It should be known that the people in Salem weren't the only victims of witch hysteria. The author does a good job of covering many cases of supposed witches after Salem.


I liked the book, but after a while it gets somewhat boring and that makes it a big harder to get through. It might just be me and the author's writing style just wasn't for me. However, I still recommend reading it. If you've read as much about the Salem Witch Trials as I have, this is an important book to read and let other know about.