Skinhead - Jay Bennett

Jonathan Atwood is 19, lives with his grandfather and has never wanted for anything. His grandfather has raised him, taught him to be proud of the family name and when he is gone wants Jonathan to have everything of his.


But one day, Jonathan gets a phone call from a police officer in Seattle. It's about a man who is in the hospital and for some reason wants to see Jonathan. The officer doesn't know who the man is and Jonathan doesn't know anyone in Seattle. But something tells him he should go to Seattle and find out who this man is. But Jonathan doesn't know yet that this trip will be a dangerous one and he'll find out more than just who the man is.


I've read a few other books by Jay Bennett and so far, I've liked what I read by him. His writing style is different and I like it. I think this book has to be the best one I've read by him yet.


The main character Jonathan gets a call from a police officer about a man; a man he doesn't know and has no idea why the man would want to see him. From the start, the story hooked me and I wanted to know what was going on. I don't want to say too much about the story and what happened, but I thought the story was very good and sad, too. Sad because there are groups like Skinheads that feel they need to get rid of those who aren't like them. And sad because of what Jonathan learns later in the book.