Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door - Lisi Harrison

Melody Carver has a deadline. Either turn Frankie Stein in, or Bekka will show the video of Jackson turning into D.J. to everyone. None of them know what to do, but the RADS know they can't risk being exposed yet. It'll make things too dangerous for them.


Together they try to work out a plan, but Cleo is making it hard for Melody to be accepted. Melody knows she is a normie, but feels like she has a lot in common with the RADS.

Can they stop Bekka before it's too late?


I loved the first book. It is one of my favorites and so I knew I would have to read the next one. I really liked this one too, but there was one thing keeping me from loving it: Cleo. For pretty much the whole book she is just a miserable character and a number of chapters were focused on her in this book.


Besides that, it was good. I really enjoyed reading Melody and Frankie's chapters. The ending got me wondering about Melody though and I definitely want to read the next book to see what happens.