Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross is a small town with only 212 residents. Everyone knows everyone and life there is quiet and normal. That is, until Tiffany Quinn goes missing.


The town is not so quiet anymore, especially when another student goes missing. And this time, it's someone close to Kendall. Things aren't so normal anymore either and deep down, Kendall knows it's not just her OCD that's making her feel strange. Something else is going on, but who can she confide in without sounding crazy? Kendall doesn't know and each day she just feels more and more lost.


This book didn't hook me immediately, but when it did, it was hard to put down. The book has some mystery, some suspense, thriller and a bit of paranormal, too. There is some romance as well, but it's not all in-your-face. It's just a little bit and sweet too.

I thought it was interesting that Kendall had OCD. I've never read a book with a main that had OCD and I think the author did a good job with Kendall. She's good character, relatable and likable.


I was also really wondering how the students were disappearing. It's all explained by the end, but I just had to keep reading to find out. It's a good story, unique and I really liked it. In the further, I may seek out more books by this author.