Behind the Bookcase - Mark Steensland, Kelly Murphy

Sarah's Grandma Winnie has died and for the summer, she and her family will be at her Grandma's house sorting things out. It's not the kind of summer she wanted, especially after seeing the house. But nothing can be done and she has to make the most of it.


It seems like a normal, run-down house, but Sarah learns the house has secrets. Behind the bookcase in her room is a door that leads to another world. Sarah can't believe it! There she meets a talking cat and other strange creatures. But soon she faces a lot of danger. What will she do?


Is there going to be a sequel? With how it ended, it seems like there could be one. And if not, there definitely needs to be a sequel!


I found this book by chance while doing a google search for something. The cover caught my eye and I immediately checked my library to see if they had this book. And they did.


The book is a little bit of everything: adventure, fantasy, suspense, paranormal and it all mixes together rather nicely.


As for the characters, I really liked Sarah. She had fears, but was brave enough to face them and did her best to help everyone. Her brother, Billy, was not a bad character, but rather annoying at times. He would do things and Sarah would get in trouble instead of him. The parents were fine, but of course, wouldn't have believed anything that was going on in the house. Balthazat seemed nice, but I had a bad feeling about him from the get-go. Jeb and the other characters who were friends with Sarah were likable.


I really liked the story and the idea that behind a bookcase there is another world. It's neat to think about.


Really good book. I liked it a lot and hope there is a sequel.