Snow in Summer: Fairest of Them All - Jane Yolen

Snow in Summer was only seven when she lost her mother and her baby brother. The mother died in childbirth and the son shortly after. It was hard for Summer and especially hard for her father, but luckily, her cousin Nancy was there to take care of her. That is, until Stepmama came into the picture and everything changes.


At first it seems it was everything Summer wanted, but she soon realizes that Stepmama has a motivate for marrying her father and it's definitely not because of love or because she wants to be a good mother.


It took me a little while to get this through. I had some busy days where I didn't have time to read, but I also just found that sometimes I lost interest. It's well-written and I did like the story. However, at times it just moved too slow and felt like things were going nowhere.

Besides that, it was a good book. A nice retelling of the Snow White fairy tale, but it's set in America, in the 1930s 0r 1940s. So, that made it interesting. The story did eventually pick up and when it did, it was really good. I also liked Snow in Summer. I felt bad for her, but she was a really strong girl and in her own ways, fought Stepmama. Overall, it was a nice story and enjoyable read.