Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness, #1) - Tamora Pierce
Alanna has always wanted to be a knight. She was never into magic much like her brother Thom is. Their plan is switch places, her brother goes to learn magic and she goes in his place to learn to be a knight.The only problem is Alanna has to keep it a secret that she is a girl. Alanna becomes Alan of Trebond. Alanna is excited to learn to be a knight and cannot wait to arrive at the palace. When she arrives the plan works and everyone believes her to be a boy. But, Alanna learns that training to be a knight is a lot tougher than she thought it would be.Alanna becomes annoyed at first, everything is too tough and not at all like she thought it would be. But, after some thought she decides to stay and give it another try. After awhile it becomes easy for Alanna, she practices, does fairly well in her tests and makes some really good friends. While training as a knight Alanna learns a lot and even though she doesn't want it, some of her magical abilities show and she has to learn to use them.This is the first ever book I've read by Tamora Pierce and it was wonderful. I really wondered why I waited so long to read this.Alanna was definitely not perfect. She was stubborn and angered easy. But, I suppose that is why I like her. Alanna flaws make it more realistic. I think so anyway.I love this book. It was exciting to read the beginning of Alanna's adventure into becoming a knight.