The Hero of 1000 Years (The Hero Chronicles, #1) - Christine E. Schulze
Chasmira is nervous and excited about her new school. She looks forward to making new friends and hopefully finding a few old friends there as well. Chasmira is happy to see that Aaron, from her old school, is there. Quickly Chasmira makes new friends and likes her new school very much. But, things become strange when stuff starts happening to Aaron. She wonders who could be trying to hurt him so badly?But, Chasmira and Aaron have a fight and she tells Aaron that she never wants to talk to him again. Aaron tried to explain, but she wouldn't hear it.However, the night of the costume ball Chasmira questions whether she was right for yelling at Aaron the way she did. When Aaron leaves for a walk in the garden and doesn't come back, Chasmira becomes very worried and decides to go look for her friend.It's not a very long book, but it is filled with lots of wonderful characters and a great, interesting story. There was a lot I liked about this book, like the different races to name one thing. Overall, it was a likable story and a great beginning to The Hero Chronicles series.