The Last Musician and the Pool of Lorelei (The Gailean Quartet #2) - Christine E. Schulze
When Gail is accused of murdering seven other teachers at Lynn Lectim Academy, she herself just disappears. But, Chasmira knows that Gail didn't do it. Her favorite teacher would never do such a thing as that and Chasmira sets out to find Gail. When Chasmira find Gail, she learns of who really murdered all those teachers and why. Now they must defeat who is trying to take control of Carmella before it is too late.I wasn't expecting Chasmira to be in this book, but it was nice that she was. I really liked her in The Hero Chronicles. And I liked learning more about Gail's past, her mother and father. The book was really intense at times with lots of emotions and I found myself trying to hold back tears more than once.It's a really great with lots of interesting characters that are very different from each other, but are fighting for the same thing and they all care about one another. Can't wait to read the next book.