The Vision (The Legends of Surprisers) - Christine E. Schulze
Ginny has finished reading the legends of Surprisers and she can't quite understand why she needed to read them. She was told they would help her with what she needed to do and that is save the princesss, before she is taken.Ginny has been having dreams and they keep getting more real. She warns the king, tells him of her dreams of the princess and he does not listen.Ginny is worried about the princess and wants to figure out what she must to save her.This is the last book in the Legends of Surprisers series and it was really good. This time it was about Ginny, a character who we are introduced to in the first two books and read the legends along with.I like Ginny, she is a great character and her friends are really great too. Like the first two books in the series, this one has a lot of emotion and action. It had its happy moments and sad ones as well. Some parts were very sad and I did tear up a little.Overall, it was a great book and I liked the ending. But, I won't spoil it for no one by telling the ending in this review.