Champagne at the Murder (Thumbprint Mysteries Series) - Joan Lowery Nixon,  Kathleen Nixon Bush
"I need to talk to you about a problem that has come up," she said. There is a silence and then she continues "I shouldn't have called. I didn't mean to bother you with a problem that isn't your concern. Just forget I called, Darling."But Stacy Champagne can't leave at that. Stacy can't just forget her Grandmother's call. She sounded worried. She needed Stacy.Stacy heads back to her hometown, where the hotel is her family runs. She loves this place and misses it so much.It doesn't take her too long to find out the problem. A man named Will Knight is coming to town and reopening the old mine, which isn't good. And he's staying at her families hotel. Some of the locals aren't so happy about that, but Stacy's family aren't the type to turn away guests and they always treat their guests very good, no matter who they are.Stacy knows Will Knight has to be stopped. He can't be allowed to reopen the mine, but things become even more complicated when a murder is committed. Stacy found Will Knight dead in his suite and now people she's known her whole life, her Uncle, are all suspected of murder.With the help of Deputy Ramon Gonzales, Stacy plans to solve the murder of Will Knight, prove her Uncle's innocence and solve a murder that happened more than 20 years ago.Champagne at the Murder is the first book in the Thumbprint Mysteries series. The book is under 100 pages so it's a bit fast paced and also very exciting. I was kept guessing until the end who the murderer was. It really could have been anyone.I liked Stacy. She loved her family and so she went back right away when there was some sort of problem. She was afraid at times, but she still kept investigating until the murder solved. And of course, the other characters were great. All the suspects and their actions really made you unsure of who committed the murder.I love this book and I think Mrs. Nixon and her daughter, really outdone themselves with this small, but mystery packed book. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery.