Mystery of Hurricane Castle - Joan Lowery Nixon
Kathy, Maureen and Danny are spending their summer vacation with the Andersons at their beach house. The three are so excited to be there and instantly love it.After spending a few wonderful days at the beach house, they have to leave. A hurricane is coming and everyone has to evacuate.Kathy, Maureen, Danny and the Andersons are ready to go. But Danny forgets his teddy bear and the three children hurry to get it before leaving. They hurry back to the truck to find out they have been left and the storm is getting worse. The only thing they can do is go to the castle that is said to be haunted.This is Joan Lowery Nixon's first published book. I remember she talked about it in The Making of a Writer. She said that it wasn't a very good book. I think it is a wonderful book. It is different than other her mysteries that she is most likely best known for. It seems to be more lighthearted and not really suspenceful. However, the mystery element is definitely still there and like her other books, it was hard to put down.The main characters are Kathy, Maureen and their four year old brother Danny. Kathy seems to be the more brave one, the who is scared, but still refuses to believe in ghosts. Maureen is the scared one and she believes in ghosts and doesn't understand how her sister can't. Danny is the cute, but sometimes annoying young brother and always asking questions. Overall, the three of make are nice and enjoyable characters.I also really like the story itself and the mystery surrouding the castle and its supposed hauntings.I think this is one of my favorites by Mrs. Nixon. Maybe she didn't think it is so good, but I thought it was wonderful, fun and mysterious. It's definitely a great mystery for younger readers. It's not suspenseful or scary, but keeps you guessing. Overall, it is a great book.