Stray Thoughts/Winged Words - Zakiah Sayeed
The author of this book is a friend of mine, but I was reading her poetry a long time before we became friends. I met her through the blogging website Xanga. I used to read her blog entries whenever someone on my friends list would recommend them and every time I was blown away by the beautiful poetry she had posted.And behind those beautiful words is a truly beautiful person, who I am glad to call a friend. So, it is my pleasure to review this book.The book is filled with poetry and stories, some stories about her memories and grandchildren and all are wonderful to read. Letters From the Tooth Fairy was one I really enjoyed, as I remember being a kid and losing a teeth and being excited for the tooth fairy to come. I never saw her, but knowing the tooth fairy was at my house was enough. Another story, entitled Poor Foreigners, I thought expressed really well how easily people can stereotype another person.The poetry was beautiful; I don't think I can pick a favorite poem. Zakiah's poems about love are just amazing and beautifully written. There is a poem entitled Mario, which made me laugh. Being a fan of the Mario video games, I really enjoyed it. And then there is the poem entitled 9/11, it was powerful and moving. A few times throughout reading this book I became teary eye, but I loved each poem and story, whether they were sad or happy. This book is just simply amazing and I can't recommend it enough.