The Song of the Banded Tree Snail and Other Tales of Space Travel - stories and poems - J.E. Glaze
I don't know if I can find the right words to describe this book, or if my review will be good enough to even describe how wonderful it is. This is the second book by J.E. Glaze, the first being a book of poetry. In this one, you will find even more amazing poetry by this author and also stories that are equally amazing. Each poem and story takes you on a different journey. One of the stories that stood out to me is the story entitled Changing Spaces. Which is about a woman who has a difficult mother and is having a bit of trouble taking care of her mother by herself. It stood out to me because of the character, the daughter who taking care of a mother, who seems to be ungrateful, and her struggle in deciding whether it would be okay to have a little help with her mother.Then, you have stories such as Beauty and Not, poems such as Wronged, Crow Bird and so many others.This is just really a wonderful collection of stories and poems. I recommend it to everyone.