Destiny, Rewritten - Kathryn Fitzmaurice
Emily is 11 and her whole life she's been told it's her destiny to become a poet, just like Emily Dickinson, who she is named after. However, Emily doesn't like writing poetry and has another career in mind. She's not quite sure how to tell her mom yet though, since her mom is so intent on being a poet is her destiny.But one day, by accident Emily loses the copy of Emily Dickinson's poems that were given to her when she was born. Something very important is in that book and now that she's lost it, she may never know. Emily has to find that book and somehow, change her destiny.I won this in a Goodreads giveaway and I thought this book had an interesting story, dealing with destiny and all. Emily doesn't really believe what her mother says about destiny, but she learns about it on her own and finds the meaning for herself. Who controls your destiny? That is what Emily really wants to know. Is it pre-planned, or does a person have the power to change their own destiny?The book gives you something to think. It's also just a nice story, with enjoyable characters and a very happy ending, which I liked very much.