The Hooded Man - Jay Bennett
Cory, Fred, Frank and Miles have all been friends for as long as they can remember. And they have all been accepted into the fret house together. To celebrate their acceptance, they want to pull a prank. Something safe, but that will definitely get people talking.They decided to steal the bell on top the town's old Meeting House. While carrying the bell, things go wrong and in the accident, Fred dies.Cory can't believe it. None of them can and it seems there is someone, a hooded man, who thinks they all need to pay for Fred's death. The book was intense and kept me guessing. Who was the one after Cory and his friends? I didn't know until the end as there was three people it could have been.I also like the use of the Persian legend:When the Hooded Man comes,Death stands in his shadow.I think it made the story more interesting and the person after Cory even more mysterious. Overall, good suspense book.