Little Plum - Rumer Godden,  Jean Primrose
It's been a year since Nona moved in with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. Nona and Belinda now get along and are great friends. But it seems the House Next Door that has been empty for a very long time, is now being lived in. A girl who is about nine years old is living there with her family and she has a Japanese doll! Belinda wants to make friends, but due to the girl's Aunt, she hasn't been able to. And soon it turns into a war between Belinda and the new girl next door.Like the first, it is a cute book. It's a bit longer than the first and I think Belinda plays an even bigger part in this one as she tries to make friends with the neighbor girl. It's a bit crazy at times because of the lengths that Belinda goes to so she can get the neighbor girl's attention. But it's a good book.