Very Merry Christmas Tales - Barbara Seuling, Marcia Thornton Jones, Suzy Kline, Clement C. Moore, James Preller, Sue Wright, Stephanie Calmenson, Debbie Dadey
I bought this book from my local library not too long ago for only 50 cents. The book has 8 Christmas related stories and although not all of the stories were amazing, it was a nice book with cute Christmas stories. But, there were a few stories in the book that stood out and that I loved. Midnight Gets a Star and Take a Penny, Leave a Penny, in my opinion were both wonderful stories.And it also includes the classic story, A Visit From St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore. Who doesn't love that one?If you can find this for cheap, or borrow from the library, I do recommend it. Even if for those few stand out stories. But the other stories were nice and worth a read.