Lost in Foreign Passions: Love & betrayal, passion & loss in the heart of an alien land - Debra Kamza
Debra was a Christian and at age 18, while in college, met Reza who was Iranian man and a Muslim. He was different, extreme in his beliefs, but he was also charming. They fell in love and eventually married. Debra hoped for mother to accept her marriage, but it didn't happen and she hurt, feeling she had to choose between her mother and her husband.Soon Debra became pregnant and eventually, went to Iran with her husband. And it all soon turned into a nightmare.This is Debra's true story of her time in Iran, being married to Iranian man, life in Iran and as a Muslim. Also about her son who was taken from her.I'm honestly having trouble finding the words to express how I feel about this book. I have wanted to read it for a number of years now and I'm happy to finally have read it. It was very well-written and often I felt as if I was there, experiencing what the author herself had experienced. There were a lot of different emotions in this book and I felt all of them: the happiness, the love, sadness, anger and betrayal.From this book I learned more about Iran and how women are treated there. I knew some of it already, but it's always hard to read. I believe everyone should have freedom, but of course, those in power always have different opinions on such matters.The book has left me with a lot to think about and be thankful for. One thing is that I live in America and while maybe women aren't seen as completely equal here, it is definitely not like it is in Iran.This book can be very sad at times, sometimes even frightening because of some of the things she went through, but people need to read this and knows things like this really happen. I personally think the author is an amazing woman and I'm happy she shared her story. Hopefully someone will read this book who is in a similar situation and maybe it will help them to try and break free of their prison as well. I most definitely recommend this book to everyone.