Behind the Paint - Violent J, Hobey Echlin
I became an ICP fan in 2004, when I was 15. It was during a very tough and confusing time in my life. Without really going into details, I will say that being an ICP fan and part of the Juggalo family gave me a place to belong. I felt accepted and cared about at a time when I needed it a lot. ICP gave me this and much more. I am thankful to have become a fan of theirs.And this book was another source of comfort and inspiration for me. I read it the first in 2004 during the summer. In total I've read the book four times, or maybe even more. It's been a number of years since I last read it, but I remember loving this book. I learned a lot about Violent J, Shaggy and the history of ICP. The book was funny, sad, inspiring and sometimes probably a bit too much information about certain things. But it was a book that I kept coming back to and discovering something new every time. Reading about ICP, about Violent J, their struggles and such, really helped me throughout my teenage years as did their music.I don't listen to ICP nearly as much as I used to, but ICP and this book will have always a special place in my life.It's a really good read. I'm sure other ICP fans will love it.