Dark Warrior Rising: A Novel of Niflheim - Ed Greenwood
Orivon Firefist was stolen from his village as a young child by the dark elves and turned into a slave. 15 years later he is one of the best blacksmiths and serves the Nifl-she, Lady Taerune Evendoom. Taerune trained Orivon and is very proud of all the slaves she has trained.But, Orivon hates living with the dark evles and has never given up hope of escaping. Orivon wants to return home, even if it means he has to destory all the dark elves himself.I loved this book. The characters are great, like Taerune; she is a great character. At the beginning I really didn't like her, she was so heartless, but as the book went on I really started liking her. Overall, this is a good book and one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel to this book.