Devil's Footsteps - E.E. Richardson
Five years ago Bryan brother, Adam, vanished and nothing has ever been the same.In Bryan's town there is the legend of the Dark Man. Though no one ever speaks of it, the Dark Man is there and Bryan knows it. He saw the Dark Man that day his brother disappeared and he knows it was the Dark Man that took him.Now it's five years later, Bryan is 15 and kids are still going missing. It needs to stop, but how can he stop the Dark Man?I was browsing my library and found this. Thought it sounded interesting. Never heard of it, or the author before and decided to give it a read. I thought it was quite good. Suspenseful and a bit of mystery too, because they didn't know how the Dark Man started.The plot is centered around a legend of the Dark Man, the Devil steps and a skipping rhyme. They all connect in some way, but how? That's one of the questions Bryan sets to find out. I thought the story was interesting and I just had to keep reading to find out what happened next.I felt bad for Bryan. He witnessed the Dark Man take his brother and has had to live with it for five years. His parents barely pay him any attention and I just think it's sad.Very good book though. I'm going to read more books by this author.