I Am Alice - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith

It's soon time for the final battle against the Fiend, but there is one more thing needed to ensure victory. It's a special dagger and it is located in the Fiend's own domain in the Dark. Alice doesn't want to go there, but she is the only one who can. So, she goes in the Dark to get the dagger, even though it's risky and she knows what the dagger will be used for in the end: her own death.


I've been waiting to read this book since I read the 11th book called Slither. I have so been looking forward to I Am Alice and have been talking about it all these months. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on September 21 and my gift was a copy of this book.


Alice is a character I really like. In the first book of the series, I wasn't too sure about her, what her intent really was. But as the books go on, more is revealed about her and her life prior to meeting Tom Ward and John Gregory. Even more details about her life with Bony Lizzie are in this book and she really hasn't had the best life. It's no wonder she is so happy to live with Tom and the Spook.


Besides telling more about her life with Lizzie, Alice journeys into the Dark. It's most definitely not an easy journey. It's risky, she has many enemies there and it could mean she dies before reaching the dagger. But even with the risk, Alice continues. If she gets the dagger and comes back, it means they will be able to end the Fiend. However, the most frightening part is it will mean the end for her too.


Alice is not perfect. She has done some bad things, I guess you can say. But over all, I believe she truly wants to do good. She never wanted to be a witch, to be powerful. She just wanted people to care about her and love her. Honestly, I feel bad for her because of everything she has been through and her worry about losing herself to the Dark. She just wants to stay herself, the caring person she is.

But despite being afraid, Alice is brave and is willing to sacrifice herself for others to be safe.


The book was great, intense and I couldn't put it down. There was a little bit of a shock at the end though, but I won't say what it was. But Alice definitely has some decisions to make.


I had to wait quite a while for this book, but it was worth the wait. I Am Alice was another wonderful entry in The Last Apprentice series. And as a fan, I am very happy with this book and sad that the series will soon be over.