Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 01: To Till - Chiho Saitou, Be-Papas
Utena's parents died when she was young and she has lived with her aunt ever since. She is kind of a tomboy and she is looking for her prince. The prince from her childhood that saved her. She has thought of him ever since then. But, was it real? Or was it a dream? One day she gets a letter, the same letter that she has gotten every year for the last seven years. It has the scent of roses, but the letter is a little different this time. It says "This year, we will meet."She decides her prince must be truly real! She has to find him.I picked up this manga not knowing what to expect from it. I had never heard of Revolutionary Girl Utena and I was surprised at how good this story was. I think the manga has a nice story and I really like Utena. She is not the girly-girl type, she is brave and believes that no matter what gender, anyone can be a prince. I plan on buying all Revolutionary Girl mangas as soon as possible.