Inkheart  - Cornelia Funke
12 year old Meggie lives with her father Mo, who is a book binder or as Meggie likes to call him a book doctor. Meggie's mother left when she was very young so she has grown up without a mother, but she has her father and books. She loves books just like her father does. Mo never reads aloud to Meggie and she does wonder why sometimes.One night while Meggie is in bed, listening to the rain, she sees a stranger outside her window. The man is Dustfinger, he somehow knows Meggie's father but she doesn't trust Dustfinger.Dustfinger had come to warn Mo, warn him that there is someone looking for him and he must leave. So the three of them leave and head to her mother's aunt's house, her name is Elinor. While staying at Elinor's house many things happen. Somebody come and takes Meggie's father. She doesn't know what is going on, why he was taken away, why this man named Dustfinger suddenly showed. She can't understand any of it, but she knows one thing; she wants her father back.I actually had watch the Inkheart movie before reading the book and from watching the movie it made me really excited to read the book. I thought the movie was amazing and after reading the book, it is even more amazing the movie. The characters are all different and I don't know if I can pick a favorite. Meggie doesn't know anything that is going on, but she makes it through it all. Mo is just a loving father who doesn't want his daughter involved in any of this. Elinor can be rude at times, but overall I think she has a good heart. Dustfinger...Well he can be a bit hard to figure out. Sometimes I like him and others I just didn't understand how he could do what he did. Those are only a few of the characters.Some like the book, others don't. It may not be for everyone, but I recommend to at least try reading Inkheart and you might find that you really like it.